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Insomnia, and an unexpected gift

I haven’t slept in over 24 hours.  Still not tired.  Not good.  I was feeling really bad and down on myself, but someone on my favorite knitting forum offered to send me a Pilot Vanishing Point for nothing more than postage.  My flabber was ghasted.  That’s a $140 pen.  She doesn’t like it, so it’s mine now.  And it’s even black, which is the color I wanted.  I’m sending her handspun yarn in return.  It’s the least I can do.

New Esterbrooks!

Two Esterbrook J fountain pens have found their way into my possession.

Red Esterbrook J says not to hate her because she's beautiful

Esterbrook J fountain pen

Aren’t they pretty?  The green one, with a #1554 nib, came from an FPN member.  The red one, with a #1551 nib, came from an eBay seller who turned out to be local.  So I went and picked up the pen in person.  It’s lovely, but the nib is shit.  So I’ve ordered a replacement from Anderson Pens, who gets mentioned fairly often on the Pen Addict podcast. I was going to buy the new nib from the eBay seller, but the one from Anderson will have been restored, unlike the eBay guy’s.  (He doesn’t restore pens, just sells them as-is.) I’d like a smoother nib.  The current one is scratchy and too wide.  (It’s a medium-fine.)  I’m going to put a fine stub nib, #2314F, on the green one, just for fun.  They’re cheap, and I love being able to switch out the nibs on my pens.

Private Reserve Ebony Purple

I tried out some PR Ebony Purple in my Kaweco Sport last week.  It didn’t go well.  I figured I hadn’t flushed the pen well enough when I tried to put in another ink, because it kept acting like it was drying up.  I finally gave it another flush with soapy water, and after that it worked fine with the Noodler’s North African Violet I put in a cartridge (with a syringe).

Tonight I decided to try it with the PR ink again, and… it clogs the fuck out of my Kaweco, apparently.  I had to completely flush it and re-ink it with the N.A. Violet again. Hopefully it will behave now.

Oh, and this happened:


And that’s after two handwashings!

Kaweco zombie, arise!

I decided to play with pocket pens this evening.  I was dreading flushing my long-dried-out Kaweco Sport Ice (red, EF nib), so I took out my never-used JetPens Chibi fountain pen.  It’s a cute little bright yellow thing that costs less than $3.  I’d never used it.  It came with a cartridge of Kaweco Pearl Black.  I snapped in the cartridge and tried writing with it.  It’s surprisingly nice for such a little thing, and puts down a much finer line than my Pilot Petit1 even though both are classified as F nibs.  I rather like it, but I’m not fond of the ink color.  It looks exactly like I was writing with a 0.7mm pencil lead or woodcase pencil.  Novel, but not something I really want to write with..

So I flushed the Kaweco and wrote three pages in my journal with it.  It’s a nice writer.  I have a Kaweco purple cartridge in it right now.  If that dries out, I have some cartridges of Private Reserve on the way from Goulet — Ebony Purple and Ebony Blue.  If one of them doesn’t keep the Kaweco nib wet, I’m going to give the pen to someone who can maybe get it working right.  I wanted the PR inks anyway so I had something other than Pearl Black for the Chibi.  But the Kaweco did wonderfully in my journal, and my hand didn’t ache after, so I’m hoping I can make it more reliable.  Lots of people swear by the Sport as a pocket pen, and they’re supposed to be incredibly dependable.  Maybe mine will be, too, with a little TLC.

Speaking of things drying up, I finally figured out what was squeaking on my spinning wheel and gave it the oiling it needed.  So I’m back to spinning quietly.  Many thanks to the Naiad for helping me figure out where the squeak was coming from.  It’s hard to stick my head down low enough to tell when I’m treadling, so I needed assistance!  Basically, there is a part of the wheel the manual didn’t tell me to lubricate.  Now it’s lubricated.  Yay for machine oil!

I have some finished BFL I need to skein and post pictures of.  Maybe I’ll do that in the morning…

Let’s talk pens.

People who’ve known me for a long time know that I am a serious pen geek.  The level of my geekery waxes and wanes, although I always have a few good pens handy because I journal and for just note-taking and stuff. I prefer fountain pens, although they’re not good for every situation. Like, the pen I keep in my front pocket when I go out is the Fisher Space Pen I got from the Valkyrie for Giftmas. Fountain pens generally don’t write well on slick receipt paper, so the Fisher is a better choice for that.

But fountain pens make me happy. I was a collector for a while, albeit on a very modest scale. I have way too many Lamy Al-Stars, because around 2007 I wanted to own one in every color available at the time. And then I got a really good deal on a used Pilot Vanishing Point, and I loved that pen the most. For my readers not into pens, the VP is a retractable FPN and is a classy but durable pen that feels wonderful to use.

I started to get back into pens about the time the Naiad and I met, and having someone to share my pen addiction with has been great. It’s also made it worse. I’ve dusted off some of my older pens, and I’ve been enjoying the Pilot Metropolis I got for Giftmas from my mom.

Yesterday I got an early birthday present in the mail: a used Pilot Decimo. These normally go for $250 new. Closely watching eBay can net one for about $100. Mine is violet with rhodium trim. It has an EF nib. I like pens with very fine nibs/points, and the Decimo EF is extremely fine but still writes smoothly. The Decimo and the Vanishing Point are essentially the same pen, but the Decimo body is slightly smaller. Same design, though, and same innards. I need to get an EF nib for my VP now. I love it, really love it.

I’ve been keeping paper journals for a couple of decades now, and last night I was debating whether to keep my new journal, the one I started on New Year’s Day, in one color or multiple shades. I’d started it with purple, and I put purple in the Decimo, but I also inked a Lamy Al-Star with green and kinda wanted to use other colors in the journal. More chaotic, but I think I like that better for now. I think the Decimo will stay purple, the VP will get green once I get an EF nib, and the other pens will be on rotation for other colors. I do love purple and green together, and those pens are my two best writers.

I’m still using the Pilot Coleto gel multi-pen for my planner, and a blue-black Pilot Frixion (erasable gel ink pen) for my math practice. My preferred pencil, on the rare occasions I use on, is a Uni Kuru Toga. All from JetPens. They’re my favorite source for non-fountain pens.

Since I’m rotating journal pen colors, I’ve put a few pens in my Teffa pencil case along with the journal itself (a pocket Leuchtturm 1917). I don’t know if I’ll maintain my little kit, but it works for now.

Writing this has made me want to play with my Decimo more. Let’s see how easy it is to journal with Eris on my lap!

Happy birthday, Isaac Newton!

Bad blogger, no cookie — ten days since my last entry.  Shame on me.  I’ve been journaling a lot, but it’s been on paper instead of online.

My family has always done Christmas stuff on Xmas Eve, and then Xmas day is for laying around in pajamas and nomming leftovers. So yesterday we ate too much and opened presents. I picked out most of the presents people gave each other as well as the ones I gave, so I really enjoyed seeing everyone open the gifts I’d chosen for them.  I was pretty much on target with all of them, assuming my family members are better at faking emotions than I think they are.  I received some cool shit.  A Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, a sweet Golding mini spindle, some fascinating-looking books, and some little stuff, all of which I liked a lot.

I won’t list everything I chose for other people, but I had to mention that I got the Naiad a Pilot Kukuno from JetPens and I think she’s now hooked for life on fountain pens.  While I was napping earlier today she ordered herself a Metropolitan like my new one, because she likes mine so much.  (I am so happy with mine, btw.  Writes wonderfully and has instantly become a favorite.)  This weekend I’m going to ink up some of my pen collections so she can see what different styles and nibs feel like.  She’s very excited.  Makes me happy.

Random stuff:

  • Got a B+ in my class.  Must have done better on my mock therapy session than I thought!
  • The Naiad will be here permanently Jan. 6th.  Which is good, because driving to get her twice a week sucks.
  • Awesome Niece was here from Sunday to yesterday.  Goddamn I love that kid.  She’s turning into an amazing young woman.
  • I started a new medication today.  Risperdal is replacing my Invega.  Doing the titration now.  Wish me luck.
  • The pocket Moleskine I started journaling in on Nov. 11th is nearly full.  I’ll be starting a new one in a few days.  Looking forward to it.  I also treated myself to a Moleskine 2015 weekly planner, because things disappear from my iCloud calendar on a regular basis.  That’s a problem.  So the Moleskine will be a backup calendar. I need one.

I’ve been sleepy all day because of the new medication.  Bedtime soon, I think…