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Dream about moving

I just woke up from a strange dream about the apartment Mom and I are going to go look at tomorrow.  The complex was beautiful, like a charming European picturesque village.  Our new neighbors were members of a sorority, but they turned their music down when I asked and were willing to let me store my yarn in our shared attic space.  As Mom and I explored the apartment it kept getting bigger with weirder features.  The bedroom that was to be mine had a built-in urinal and some of those glass display cabinets like the jewelry displays in department stores.  Then we had to talk to the lady who mowed the complex about how often she could mow our apartment, where the carpets had suddenly become grass — soft Yankee grass that you could walk around barefoot in without worrying about fire ants.  We were discussing her fee for mowing the upstairs (which didn’t exist until that conversation) when I woke up.  It was utterly beautiful and weird.

First cello nightmare

I had my first cello-related nightmare this morning.  I dreamt that I was playing and everyone in the house was complaining and telling me I had to send it back.  I went to put the mute on it, but somehow the mute had grown strings with screws on the end, and for me to use it I would have to drill holes in the cello.  Meanwhile I had broken half the hairs in my bow and was very upset with myself, and the Valkyrie was yelling at me for making her listen to me play.  When I woke up I had to laugh at my subconscious.  I imagine I will have more cello dreams along the same lines, because my brain is nothing if not neurotic when I’m asleep.  Silly brain.