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Russell Stover is the devil

Heads up to people traveling through central Florida: the Russell Stover outlet store, where the north end of the turnpike meets I-75 in Wildwood, has the best motherfucking fudge I have ever eaten in my life.  For $12 you can get 6 pieces, which adds up to a pound and a half.  I tried the praline, the peanut butter, and the maple walnut, and holy crap my mouth had so many foodorgasms that I wanted to drive back and eat the whole damn case.  They have about a dozen flavors, ranging from the standard chocolate to things like caramel apple pie and pumpkin.  It is all amazing.  So don’t go there.  Your waistline will not thank you.

(They also have all the RS and Whitmans candies cheap, including 3-pound boxes of “bloopers” — normal chocolates that came out slightly misshapen — for like $8.  EVIL.  EVIL, I tell you.  Yeah, it’s not handmade Belgian chocolate, but it’s still chocolate.)