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Saphris and appetite

When I was on Invega and Risperdal, I had a food problem.  On Invega I was always hungry and ate a lot.  On Risperdal I couldn’t pass a plate of sweets without eating all of them like some hyperactive Cookie Monster.  OM NOM NOM TWO DOZEN COOKIES AT ONCE NOM.

This week I’ve had a normal appetite.  Like, I skipped dessert at dinnertime because I didn’t feel like having any.  And all night there have been freshly baked cookies on the kitchen counter and I haven’t even been tempted.
The only thing I have to watch for is that, if I don’t go to bed immediately after taking the Saphris, I will go on a short, half-asleep binge of whatever munchies are at hand.  And that’s pretty easy to avoid.  Just go to bed.

I may actually get to lose some weight on this medication.  Fuck yeah.  *fingers crossed*