My list of currently-owned fountain pens, amassed over the last decade, in alphabetical order:

  • Esterbrook J, foliage green, with nib #1554 (firm fine)
  • Esterbrook J, red, with nib #2314-F (fine relief stub)
  • Esterbrook transitional J, navy blue, with nib #2556 (firm fine)
  • Hand-turned pen from a craft fair seller, made from a walnut burl
  • JetPens Chibi
  • Kaweco Sport Classic, EF, gray with silver hardware
  • Kaweco Sport Ice F, red
  • Kaweco Sport Skyline, EF, black with silver hardware
  • Lamy Al-Star EF nibs
    • aluminum
    • black
    • blue-green
    • coffee
    • copper orange
    • graphite
    • ocean blue
    • pearl
    • purple black
    • raspberry
    • ruby red
    • silver blue
    • silver green
  • Lamy Safari EF, red
  • Noodlers Ahab (I think.  Noodler’s something.)
  • Parker 51 Aero F, black
  • Pilot Decimo EF, violet
  • Pilot Metropolitan F, purple Leopard
  • Pilot Petit1 F, blue
  • Pilot Petit1 F, red wine
  • Pilot Petit1 F, black
  • Pilot Vanishing Point EF, black carbonesque (also have F nib for it)
  • Pilot Vanishing Point EF, matte black (also have B nib for it)
  • Platinum Preppy EF, blue-black
  • TWSBI mini EF, clear
  • TWSBI Vac 700 EF, clear
  • Wality 69L F, blue
  • Waterman Kulture F

Spare Esterbrook nibs

  • #1551 (firm medium; is in crap condition)
  • #1554 (firm fine; isn’t in great shape either, which is why I replaced it)
  • #1555 (firm fine; is very smooth but is too wide of a line for me)


Currently MIA (they’re in a box… somewhere.)

  • Chelpark Antic F, black
  • Lamy Vista EF
  • Lamy Safari EF, pink
  • Lamy Safari EF, charcoal with black clip
  • Lamy Joy 1.1mm italic nib, black
  • Pilot Birdie F
  • TWSBI Diamond 530 EF, blue

Wish list

  • Karas Kustoms Retrakt
  • Karas Kustoms Ink

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