• MomSis, and Nephew are titles, not nicknames.
  • Penguin: my sister’s husband.
  • Nibling (formerly known as Awesome Niece): my sister’s eldest, who is trans.  I only bother to mention that because of the title change in the blog.

The woman I’m having a relationship with gets referred to as my sweetheart, or occasionally Mistress if it’s kink-related.

Friends I see IRL, alphabetically:

  • The Artist: a longtime friend who lives in Atlanta.  She was the maid of honor at my wedding.  We go hiking sometimes.
  • The Boytoy: a former lover, who is sadly not my boytoy anymore.  (He made a great one, though.)
  • The Butterfly: a friend I met through a knitting group.
  • Domino: a friend of Zelda’s.
  • The Genius: The Artist’s husband, and a very cool guy.
  • Ginger Slut: my old BFF.
  • Luna: my cello teacher and friend.
  • Rose: we were BFFs back when I met my ex-wife.  We stopped being friends because of said ex-wife; or, rather, my inability to be a good friend while in that relationship.  I still feel bad about that, but we’ve been hanging out some lately, which is awesome.
  • Zelda: a college friend I started hanging out with again recently.

And some people I no longer speak to, for good reasons:

  • The Valkyrie: my ex-wife.  I don’t call her that anymore, but some of the blog entries from when we were married refer to her that way.
  • The Naiad: the ex-wife’s ex-girlfriend.  She lived with us for six months.  It was the beginning of the end of my marriage.