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Happy Halloween!

Today would have been my 12th wedding anniversary.  Yay for being divorced!

It’s funny — I’m a goth and I love morbid, creepy, and spooky things, but actual scary shit really bothers me.  Some horror fiction is okay, and often enjoyable.  Movies, not so much.  I think the only horror genre films I really like are some of the Hellraiser series, especially the original, because Clive Barker is so good at eroticizing horror and I love that.  (I’m a huge fan of his books, too, and have been since the late 80’s.)  No, wait, I like some zombie stuff too.  And anything with Bruce Campbell in it.  Okay, some movies are decent.  Just not really scary ones.

Horror video games upset me, but mostly because my ex insisted on making me watch her play Fatal Frame and stuff when I really didn’t want to.  I liked some Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but only in small doses and only in daylight hours.  (So of course she insisted on all-night marathons with the lights turned off, and laughed when I got so scared I begged to be allowed to leave the room.  Because apparently I’m “cute” when I’m scared.  You know, the more I look back on my relationship, the more I realize how fucked-up it was.)

So I will spend this evening watching the new Ghostbusters, rewatching Nightmare Before Christmas, and cleaning off my yarn bins so I can put my new resin vulture skeleton on the silver platter with the painted zombie head and the black roses.  Because spooky is fun, even if I’m a giant chicken otherwise.


Mom and I have been binge-watching Blacklist on Netflix. The stories are ridiculously improbable sometimes, to the point of occasionally causing me to cackle and mock the writers, but James Spader is so much fun to watch in this that I don’t care about suspending my disbelief. Also, the plots usually aren’t terrible, just silly at times, and a couple of the ongoing storylines are gripping enough that Mom and I go to bed late because “just one more episode…”  I definitely recommend it as excellent brain candy. 

Civil War thoughts (no spoilers)

I had heard really good things about Captain America: Civil War.  Some of my friends said it was the second-best Marvel movie thus far and everybody was Team Cap and… I have to disagree with, like, everybody.  I was disappointed in it.  It wasn’t terrible, but I feel like the plot was an excuse to have fights, rather than the fights enhancing the story.  Don’t get me wrong, the fights were cool and had some great lines, but for the most part I wanted to send them to group therapy because seriously, why do all superheroes prefer to hit things rather than talk like adults?  I mean, yes, people don’t want to see Marvel movies that are just talking, and I don’t want that either, but it would be nice if they at least tried to settle things without violence sometimes.

Also, I am not Team Cap and never have been.  I think Rogers’ continuing belief that his morals trump everyone else’s is self-serving and stupid.  Cap is more arrogant than Stark in some respects, because he’s always so certain that he’s doing the right thing and he should follow his heart/instincts.  I think the Avengers going into other countries without permission in search of bad guys (like in Age of Ultron) is wrong, especially when people die and damage is done.  The Avengers shouldn’t get a free pass because “oops, they messed up.”

I’m not saying Stark was completely right, either, but I found myself understanding his point of view far more than Cap’s.  Really, though?  I’m Team Black Panther.  Because T’Challa was the best character in the whole damn movie and I loved him so very much.  He neeeeeeds a solo movie.  Like, yesterday.

Dot Grid podcast

You know, it says something when you get about a quarter of the way through a podcast and decide to stop and just read the show notes instead.  The show’s subject — where analog and digital tools meet — is interesting, but so far I’m not enjoying the show.  I’ll give it a few more episodes, but right now I’m disappointed.

EDIT: Listened to the rest of the episode.  It’s growing on me a little.  It inspired me in a couple of ways, about ways to journal, so I owe them a thank-you for that.  I’ll keep listening…