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Energy is back!

Since my last post, I went back up on my Trintellix.  (Which used to be called Brintellix, but it sounded too much like some other drug — Brillenta, I think? — so they recently changed it.)  I am happy to report more energy and more Getting Shit Done.  In the last two days, anyway.  It’s a start.

I have a skirt.  It’s ankle-length and black.  My sister got it for me yesterday at Target, as I’ve had the weird urge to wear one lately.  I put it on with a black T-shirt and my purple Docs, and I didn’t feel even slightly feminine.  Gender-bendy as fuck, instead, which is exactly what I wanted.  I look transmasculine/androgynous even with the skirt on.  It’s lovely.  It really brings home my personal definition of genderqueer: my brain leans more towards female even though I feel gender dysphoria about my body and want it to be a cis male’s.  “Gender dysphoria” is a misnomer, really.  My gender is fine.  I am very happy with it.  It’s my body that’s wrong.  So shouldn’t it be called “sex dysphoria” instead?  At any rate, I want to paint my fingernails and toenails black sometime soon.  And buy some boxer briefs to wear under the skirt.  Thigh chafing hurts.

Hurricane Hermine: why didn’t they call it Hermione?  It would have been so much cooler that way.  Anyway, we lost power several times during the night, but it always came back on within ten minutes or so.  My mom’s room is in the back of the apartment, and mine at the front; our rooms are the same size, as are our windows, but the placement of the rooms meant she couldn’t hear anything but rain.  I, on the other hand, spent all night listening to howling winds try to break my window.  It wasn’t scary, just annoying because I was trying to sleep.  If it had been daytime I would have enjoyed the sounds, but by two in the morning I was ready to get out my isolation headphones.  (I wasn’t the only one listening to the storm.  Several of my local friends were also awake and posting on Facebook at that hour.)  We weren’t damaged, our cars weren’t damaged (despite being under a giant tree), and we didn’t even lose internet for very long.  A lot of locals got it worse; when I went to get my hair cut Saturday, there were women there talking about not having their power back until that morning.

And now, for some goth shopping: Joanns has these cool 16″ vulture skeletons and I want one so bad.  Or the owl ones, the owl ones are badass, but more expensive.  I don’t want them enough to pay $30-40 for one, but damn they’re cool.

Boneyard Vulture at Joanns

Oh fuck, just looked at their site, to get a pic to share, and their Halloween stuff is 40% off.  It can go next to the head-on-a-silver-platter, which still resides on my bedroom dresser.  That really was a good idea, I think.  Which reminds me, I still need wall art for my room.  I should probably get that instead of the vulture, but I can buy art posters all year round.  Ooh, they have a small tombstone for $4.  My dresser is going to look awesome.  My wallet always hates me in the fall, because ALL THE HALLOWEEN STUFF!!!

One other little DIY project I want to do is get a bendy black Halloween spider and make it a tiny bit of knitting-in-progress and bend the front legs so it looks like the spider’s knitting.  I’ll give it teeny needles and everything.  Maybe stick it on a black wreath for the front door.  Spiders spin, and mine will knit as well.  Maybe the knitting will be from that fake cobweb stuff?  Oooooh.

Oh oh oh — I can buy fake black roses this time of year, too.  Neeeeeed.  Okay, shutting up about Halloween goodies now.  But when Eris (my kleptomaniacal black kitty) starts walking around the house with a black rose in his teeth, I will totally be taking photos.  (And, if they’re any good, using them as profile pictures in my online haunts.)

Knitting: the green and black shirt continues, in off moments.  My main project is place mats for the dining table.  They are bright yellow, in a basic basketweave pattern.  When Mom and I moved into this apartment, most of her decorating stuff was blue and yellow so we stuck with it.  Happily, the paintings on the walls look like Tim Burton took drugs (happy ones) and painted them.  So at least a little of the living room is to my taste.

Spinning, weaving, and sewing: haven’t done any of it since the last post.

Cello: not since Monday or so.  As I said, I’ve only been feeling better for two days.  Mom just left for a party, though, so I’ll play while she’s gone.  I feel weird about playing with her here, because I feel like it has to be annoying to hear me play the same thing over and over.  Especially when it’s the same three or four notes over and over…

Okay, enough babbling.  I think I need to go buy a vulture skeleton now…

Gainesville police and racism

A lot of police departments behave deplorably, especially where race is concerned. So I thought I would share a positive story.

I live in Gainesville, Florida. The police chief is Tony Jones, who has spent his entire career in GPD. He is… awesome. In the original meaning of the word.  He’s been a leader in the Community Policing movement, and has won a ton of awards for working to move policing into this century. He believes officers should know the citizens on their beats, and that police should be there to help improve the community as well as catch criminals. He’s been working for years to keep young black men out of the prison pipeline with a social program called the Reichert House that has proven results.  Even one of our state attorneys is a graduate of the program.

Chief Jones is African-American. It’s relevant, because there is an older generation of (white) Gainesville cops, hired under previous chiefs, who dislike the idea of “progressive policing” and… well… You know the problem some people have with President Obama while claiming to not be racists? Yeah. That.

Earlier this week an anonymous letter got circulated on Facebook, written by one of those old guard officers who isn’t happy with the way Jones is doing things.  He is angry because the Chief won’t allow the police to use racial profiling. He believes Jones cares more about the people he serves than his officers. The screed has six pages, saying that morale is low among the ranks and… I’m not going to link to it, but if you’re curious you can go to Facebook and search for Jones’ name.

I told you this is a positive story, right? I’m getting there.

Word spread that a group of those old guard officers would be at Thursday’s city commission meeting to argue for the Chief’s removal. The public showed up in force to show their support for Jones. Even with a three-minute limit for each citizen speaker, it took almost three hours for everyone to speak who wished to. And there were many more there for visible support, so much so that the overflow of people had to be put in conference rooms where they could watch the proceedings via video feed.  And it was a mixed-race crowd.  Not just black and white, but others too.  Most of the attendees were black, but there were tons of people.  There were police offers there, too, off-duty ones who’d come to show their support.

Nobody stood up to say anything bad against Jones, probably because one of the commissioners said flat-out that the commission supported the Chief completely.  I suspect the negative people were worried about being a tiny percentage of the audience, too.  Cowards.  But then the letter was anonymous, so we already knew that about them.

A lot of people talked about racism, public and elected officials both.  There is a good deal of it in this town, but the fact that so many people were willing to openly discuss it for two hours with our elected politicians was fucking amazing.

When the public comments section was over, it was the officials’ turn to say their closing remarks on the matter.  Every single one of them said they supported the Chief (and even if they privately didn’t, their constituents were right there telling them they’d better if they wanted to stay in office).  A few of them talked about fighting racism in the community, and steps that need be taken and are currently underway.  One black commissioner, who was admittedly very long-winded, specifically addressed the black citizens, talking about what they could do to help as well.  I had never seen an African-American politician speaking directly to black citizens, so I think that was educational for a lot of non-black attendees.  It was for me, anyway.

The mayor, Lauren Poe, wound up the proceedings.  Even before this week’s uproar hit, he had started a book club that was beginning with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me.  There were also already plans in place for a community meal this fall called The Longest Table, where attendees would be seated with complete strangers so everyone could get to know other residents better.  (Nothing was said explicitly about race, but everyone knew that’s what the meal is about.)  I think I’ll go to that, because it sounds like it will be interesting at the very least.

One thing several people said, citizens and commissioners alike, is that Chief Jones is the reason we aren’t the next Ferguson.  Having people of all colors and all walks of life standing up in defense of the goddamn police chief was amazing and wonderful.  I love this city so much.

(Gainesville, by the way, for years has had anti-discrimination laws and bathroom laws to help us transgender folk.  Florida may be a red state, but not all towns are red!)