Last update: October 31, 2016

I live in north central Florida, and have been a Floridian for most of my life, despite a few years in south Florida, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  I’m a bookworm, a feminist, a liberal, a science geek, and a skeptic.  In the past I’ve been a writer, editor, and computer programmer.

I do a lot of fiber/textile arts stuff: spinning and knitting, mostly, some weaving.  I started playing cello in August 2015, and that’s a great deal of fun.  And in September 2016, I bought a bicycle and have been riding a good bit.  I walk almost daily, too, because it helps with my mental health.  I hike when I can, which isn’t often enough.

I have schizoaffective disorder and OCD, and they make having a full-time job impossible for me.  So I’m on disability, live with a family member, and do what I can.  I graduated in December 2015 with my BA in psychology, which only took me eight years… I’d like to take one or two classes a semester for fun at the community college, mostly math but also some chemistry and physics if I feel like it.

I am a transgender person, non-binary but leaning towards the masculine side.  Preferred pronoun is he.  Most of the time I don’t bother trying to pass as a cis dude, because I don’t really care what most people think.  As long as family, friends, and (future) co-workers refer to me properly, everyone else can go hang.  I’m pansexual, but usually just call myself queer because it’s easier.

Speaking of orientation, I split up in August 2015 with my wife of 11 years.  It was amicable.  I’m single now and want to stay that way for a while.

My favorite colors are purple and olive drab.   I don’t really like long walks on the beach or candlelight dinners.  (I prefer forest trails and being able to see my food.)  I prefer cats to dogs, and pie to cake.  I would be lost without my iPhone.  I don’t watch much TV or many movies, although there are things I like.  I just never think about turning on the TV.  I love reading non-fiction — usually weird histories or science books.  I like German Expressionism and Surrealist art.  My favorite philosopher is Bertrand Russell, and my least favorite is Plato.  (I can rant for ages about Plato and what he did to science.  Don’t get me started.)

Music is a big part of my life.  Like I said, I’m learning the cello.  I wish I could sing.  I listen to a lot of “alternative” (read: non-classical) cello music right now, like Cello Fury and Primitivity, in addition to classical pieces.  My favorite cellists are Jacqueline du Pre and Ofra Harnoy.  I also dig contemporary non-classical violin, like Black Violin and Lindsey Sterling.  Other, non-strings, favorites: Covenant, Nick Cave, The Cure,  Bauhaus, Rammstein, KMFDM (up until the “Adios” album, anyway), and 80’s alternative like The Smiths, the Violent Femmes, and R.E.M..  There’s a ton of other stuff.  You may have noticed there’s not any female artists on that moderns list.  While there are lots of women in music that I like, I’m have an addiction to male baritone voices.  I don’t think men make better music, I just enjoy deep voices a lot.  Also, I was a goth for many years.  You may have noticed by now.

As I said, I read a lot.  Some non-fiction authors I like are Mary Roach, Victoria Finlay, Bill Bryson, Kay Redfield Jameson, Simon Singh, Simon Winchester, and Richard Wiseman.  Fiction writers: Neil Gaiman, Rudy Rucker, uh… I don’t read a lot of prose fiction, but I do love me some comic books.  Right now I’m digging THE MIGHTY THOR (because female!Thor kicks ass, and there’s also my imaginary boyfriend Loki), MS. MARVEL, BLACK PANTHER, and BITCH PLANET.  It’s weird that I’m mostly reading Marvel, because I was never into their books until this last year.  In the 1990’s I was mainly a Vertigo junkie, and in the 2000’s I didn’t read comics at all.

Okay, shutting up now.  If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you.  I talk too damn much!

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