Cycling, therapy, cello, etc.

Cello: I have cancelled my lessons for the month of October.  I need to go to the dentist instead.  Joy.

Therapy: Today’s lesson dealt with some unpleasant shit from when I was a teenager.  It was kind of awful.  Afterwards I went to the Harn Museum of Art to make myself feel better.  Except, parking was $4 and I had no cash.  Sigh.

Depression: The Sunday before last I decided to try to get a part-time job, just stocking shelves at the grocery or something.  The stress of putting together my resume made me suicidally depressed for the next three days.  So that’s not really an option.  I’m trying to volunteer for Hillary’s campaign, but haven’t gotten a call back yet about when to come in.

Crafting: I’m knitting a pillow for my youngest nephew, and knitting three washcloths for my ex-MIL as a birthday gift.  Both projects are by request.  Today I set up a spreadsheet for planning weaving projects, and I really need to warp for my black and green tunic.  And do some sewing.  Can’t focus on anything that requires brain cells at the moment.

Reading: I’ve been so scattered I haven’t been able to read anything, even slash.  Annoying.

Cycling: padded bike underwear are awesome.  They feel like wearing a overnight-strength maxi pad, but because of them I’ve been able to ride two days in a row.  Nine miles yesterday, at the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail, and seven miles today, around my part of town.  It helps that it’s been in the low 70s in the mornings!  More about biking under the cut.

Yesterday I went to the east (Hawthorne) end of the GHT, as I’d never been out there before.  I much prefer the west (Gainesville) end.  The east side was boring as hell.  Or maybe it was just my mood.  But it was much straighter and had constant-but-small inclines.  So, while the first 4.5 miles of the west end had elevation gains of 108ft (according to MapMyRide) and was a lot of small hills, the same distance on the east end had a 177ft gain.  Heading west it was all downhill, which meant that the way back sucked.  Plus I was in a bit of a hurry, as storm clouds started rolling in.  I got back to my car, put my bike in, got in myself and started the car, and as I picked up my glasses cleaning cloth the first drops started to hit.  I’d have gotten soaked if I’d been even a couple minutes later coming back.  I was quite pleased with my timing.

Today I went in a different direction than usual when I left my house.  I found my way down around a little pond that had a very twisty path, so I’m getting to practice my curves.  Which are wobbly.  I think the bike basket was making me worse, even though I didn’t have much in it.  So I’ve taken it off.  Last week I got a rear rack, so tonight I removed the U-lock from my frame and bungee-corded it to the rack, along with the bag I’m currently using to hold my patch kit and trail mix and stuff.  (It’s an old fanny pack.  So, so stylish.)  I still want to pick up an inexpensive trunk bag, as it’ll be more stable…  Moving the U-lock meant that I could put my bottle cage where those things are supposed to go, instead of carrying my water in the handlebar basket.  I also want to get an adjustable cage, so I can carry a 32oz bottle.  I’ve been taking the handheld liter-size bottle I use when I go walking, but that requires the basket.  So with the cage I can carry my preferred amount of water.  (I have an old 24oz Contigo that fits in a standard bottle cage, so I’m going to use that for now.)  I’ll save the basket for if I ride to the store or something.  Which may well happen, since I’m only half a mile from the pharmacy and grocery.  Now that the weather’s cooling off it’ll be far more likely.  (There’s a Starbucks right there, too, but I hate spending money on coffee…)

I’m going to go do…. something.  Maybe take a sedative.  Kinda bouncing off the walls at the moment…


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