To bicycle, or not to bicycle?

I hate my bike.  It’s a GT Aggressor hybrid, about ten years old, and I hate having to bend over it and put all the weight on my hands.  It sucks.  I was looking at cruiser bikes online and thought that I could sell my GT and get one of those.  I went by the bike shop my sister uses to see what they had.

Saleswoman: What’s your budget?
Me: $200-ish. I think I want a cruiser.
Her: We can do that!
She shows me a cruiser in my price range.
Me: what I really wish I could get is one of those Dutch-style commuter bikes, they’re really cool but I can’t afford one.
Her: Here’s one for $300, and we set it up for you, and the first tune-up is free instead of $70, and you get discounts on parts, so you save a lot of money, if you really want one.  Also it’s black.  You said you like black.
Me: drooooooooool
I pause.
Me: I wish I could ride more, but I’m always afraid of going too far from home and the bike breaking and me having to walk it back or get stuck.
Her:  Good bikes kept in shape don’t do that.  Learn how to change a flat and you can go anywhere.  And later you can upgrade to fancier tires that rarely go flat.  You shouldn’t have to be afraid to bike!
Me: …I think I’ll start putting away some money…

I don’t know if I’ll do it or not.  I mean, it doesn’t hurt to save more money anyway, but I don’t know if I’ll put it towards a bike.  I know some good places to ride that aren’t on the street, like the walking/biking path I always take my walks on, and my aunt is retired and into biking so I could maybe do longer rides with her, if I got some endurance built up…  I’ll think about it.  No harm in thinking.

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