Cello lessons have resumed.

Today I had my first cello lesson since April 5th.  Yeah, seven weeks and two days.  And it felt so, so good to have a lesson again.  I’ve been practicing more lately, but it’s much easier to push myself with my teacher sitting right there. The last time I saw Luna she’d arranged Pachelbel’s Canon in D as a cello duet.  That day she had me play the bass part.  Today she started me on the melody.  It’s tricky, because I only just started learning first position extensions, and there are a lot of those in the melody.  But it’s great fun, and definitely more interesting than playing the bass part (eight notes that repeat over and over for the whole piece).  We’re doing that as my etude for a few weeks.  And then we went over the last piece in the Suzuki Book One, and then she had me play the entire book as review.  I am done with book one!  At last!

Next lesson, two weeks from now: proving that I can do the D scale in two octaves (as assigned this week); more Canon; and the first piece in Book Two.  AWESOME!

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