Cello practice: back on track?

I used to have cello lessons on Tuesdays at 4pm.  My teacher, Luna, got a summer gig playing on Tuesdays, so she wanted to change me to Thursdays.  It took a little while to get that straightened out, and I’d already missed a couple of lessons before that due to either depression (mine) or gigs (hers), so it’s been like 6 weeks since I’ve had a lesson.  I was supposed to start again today, but I’ve got a chest cold and am exhausted.

But!  I just practiced my cello for the first time in like a month, between the depression and illness and discouragement over the change in my lesson schedule.  It felt really good, and I actually sounded reasonably good. Well, good for me. Good for an amateur student at the end of Suzuki book one.  I was pretty happy with my playing.  My right thumb got a bit tired, having not held a bow in a while, but I think my intonation is better than it used to be?  I used to not press too hard and be timid about it, whereas I’m supposed to be playing louder and with confidence.  I did that today.  For several minutes I just did all the scales I know (C, G, D, A), and then worked my way through the Suzuki book from the beginning to piece #14, at which point my right thumb announced that it wanted to stop bowing for a spell.  There are only 17 pieces in the book, so not bad.  (Understand that all the pieces in the book are under a minute long, so it’s not like I was playing for hours.  Half an hour total, maybe, including the scales.)

Sometimes practices feel like they’re working, and some days it feels like everything’s wrong.  This was a good one.  I’m happy.

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