My daily walks

Every day, twice a day, I walk the same route down a street near my house.  It’s a fairly busy two-lane road, but there are some beautiful forested areas on the north side of the road — the side with the walking/biking path on it.  And two creeks.  And a cute footbridge.  So this morning I took some pictures.  The full photoset is here.

Morning WalkMorning Walk

Morning Walk

A few days ago I installed the Fitbit app, curious about how many steps I take on my walks and eager for my actual Fitbit to come in this week.  (It shipped yesterday.)  Turns out that a 5-mile walk, for me, is about 14,000 – 15,000 steps (variation is because the app is not quite accurate).  So I’m near 30K per day, which is kinda cool.  Also cool is getting the “Marathon” badge (logging more than 26.2mi, naturally) in less than a week.  I walk regardless of the numbers, but I get a kick out of seeing the data.  And hey, badges!  Because who doesn’t like unlocking cheevos?

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