Exercise gear

Exercise gear is evil. As in, I am buying some. Some of it will come in very handy for my daily walks: a small hydration backpack, a sun hat, and some new socks because I’ve worn through the six-pack I bought in January. Seriously, they all have holes now. Because I’ve walked like 700 miles since then. (I average 200 a month, but April saw me sick for two weeks.)

Also, if you need a Fitbit, for the love of Bob buy it off Ebay. Sooooo many people sell them off after their initial fitness kick passes. You can get them half price if you can handle a small amount of cosmetic wear, and the bands are cheap to replace if necessary.

The thing I didn’t need… well, depending on the definition of “need”… The whole time I was taking photos of the gorge I was terrified I was going to drop my iPhone off the side. So I bought a cheap digital camera. And it happens to be waterproof, because future hikes will include watery places. It too was bought off eBay.

I spent a couple of hours today organizing my digital photos. I had a shitload that were unorganized. Some will be going on Flickr. All of them are stashed in my Dropbox account now. Go me.  I posted the best of my hiking photos to a Flickr album. Got some really good shots!

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