Catchup: February to April, 2016

I haven’t been blogging, mainly because I’ve been extremely depressed.  Like, to the point that my psychiatrist has brought up electro-convulsive therapy as a possible option.  A couple of weeks ago she added Ritalin to my medication regime.  Seems to be helping.

I’m still walking at least 6 miles a day.  Never stopped.  So that’s good.

I haven’t been playing cello much. Am still taking lessons, though, and want to get back to practicing regularly.

I was fairly asocial for a long while, but last Saturday I had coffee with a Facebook friend who was visiting town, and then Sunday I went to a Passover party.  Deconstructed seders are awesome, it turns out.  I was nervous as hell but had fun anyway.  I’m having dinner next week with the friends who hosted it.  One guest (there were 7 of us) was a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few years, and we’re planning on coffee soonish.  And then I took a mini-vacation this week.  More on that in the next post.

Ummmm…. not much else was going on until the last week, really.  A couple of months were just lost to mental fog and emotional numbness…

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