Cello lesson: real cellos > electronic ones

Today’s lesson: C arpeggio, more work on 1.15 “The Happy Farmer” (which I just need to polish now), and Luna says my vibrato on 1.13 “Rigadoon” is really good.  Now I need to get better at doing vibrato while bowing correctly.  Hard to do both at once, right now.

We started a new piece, 1.16 “Minuet in C” (my first Bach! Yay).  I did a reasonably good job of sight-reading it, but I need to listen to the recording I have of it a few times to get the rhythm down.

And then we got to playing with my compositions.  In this last week I started using Noteflight for composing, which is an awesome tool I highly recommend.  I fucked around with my Comp No. 1 until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided I hated it, but then wrote No. 2 in A Minor in like half an hour, and that I love.  Luna said it sounded like video game music or a horror movie.  She and I played both pieces.  No. 1 sounds better slowed down and on a real cello, but I still hate it.  No. 2 sounds fucking awesome, though.  Maybe next week we can record it.  Luna prefers No. 1 because it sounds “stream of consciousness” to her.  Maybe in a week or two I’ll like it again.  I recorded her playing the melody, and it sounded so much nicer than with the fake electronic cello on Noteflight.  Which is normal, of course, but I wasn’t expecting how the piece changed so completely at the hands of a professional cellist (and oh my god, my music has now been played on a cello from the 1740’s.  Wow).

After Luna left I decided to fuck around with learning some stuff by ear.  I still want to learn “Nightfall” by Cello Fury, but I tried again post-lesson and had to face that it’s just too hard for me at this point.  So instead I figured out two Violent Femmes songs: “Good Feeling” and “Blister in the Sun.”  I’ve decided that I want to learn the bass parts for their entire self-titled album, because the reason I originally tried learning bass guitar was because of VF bassist Brian Ritchie.  I didn’t like playing bass, but on the cello his bass lines are lots of fun to work out.  So that’s a thing I’m doing.

Oh, and before lesson started, Luna restrung my D because the cold weather made my pegs loosen.  The D peg loosened so much the string came off.  She showed me some tips and that was cool.

I want to compose some more this week.  Maybe even tonight…

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