Car shopping required. Ugh.

I did a lot today. Exercised twice (total of 6.5 miles walked), went to therapy, went to the auto parts store to see why there was a light on my dashboard (answer: cold weather fucked with the tire pressure and they needed a little extra air), downloaded the latest version of YNAB and made myself a workable budget, ordered a kickass coat that was only $10 more than an Amazon return I’m making so I’m not out more money, worked on composing (see previous post), and cleaned up my hard drive (and got an extra 50GB back, yay for 1TB external hard drives). Go me.

Bad news: my ex-MIL has decided she wants her car back ASAP, even though two weeks ago she said she’d sell it to me. Frankly, if she’s going to be flaky I don’t want to buy it from her anyway. So Wednesday I’m going to the credit union to talk about a car loan. If I can’t get a decent one and/or a decent interest rate, Mom’s offered to co-sign for me because her credit is fucking beautiful. I kinda hope I can do it myself, though. I’ll be 40 next month and it would be nice if I had something I could do on my own.

And then there will be car shopping. Ugh. I haven’t done that since 1997. Luckily a friend is really good at playing “bad cop” with car salespeople and is willing to go with me. I’m not even slightly picky about what I wind up with, as long as it’s reliable, is big enough for my six-foot self, has really good air conditioning, and can fit my cello in the back seat. (I’d prefer a small SUV/crossover, but it’s not worth spending a ton more money on.) I figure I’ll pay for a month of Consumer Reports and look at their database from the car lots.

Would it be weird to take my cello case to the dealer? I don’t need to take the actual cello, just its case. To see how it’ll fit. I think I’ll do it even if it is weird. Because it’s a requirement, not an option.

I am soooo not looking forward to this…

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