Composing 101: FLAIL

I officially hate this composition forever.  This morning I was like, “screw the bass part, I’m replacing the whole thing with low D half-notes.”  This afternoon I bought a cool app for iOS called Music Studio, which lets you design multiple tracks with multiple instruments and such.  It’s been described as “GarageBand for the iPad.”  I’ve never seen GarageBand in use, but thanks to this app my bass part has accidentally turned into a full-bore harmony instead of just a bass line.  Argh.  I mean, awesome, but WTF, self.  And of course I’ve been playing it multiple times and now I never want to hear it ever again.  So of course tomorrow is my cello lesson, where we’ll be playing it live.  Ack.  Hopefully I will like it more when it’s not MIDI instrument sounds, and I can actually put some life into it on the cello.  The app is really helpful, though.  Otherwise I couldn’t have written my harmony so easily.

I still hate it, though.  :D

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