The new apartment

First night in the new place! I was asleep before 10pm and then woke up at midnight starving and so sore I could barely move. So I found some crackers in the pantry and took a hydrocodone I had left over from an injury this last spring.

The new apartment is brilliant. Open, airy, light… The last place we lived was a dump, which wasn’t Mom’s fault. Like, the landlord had somebody come in to fix the plumbing. Plumber left four holes in the bathroom wall, and they never fixed it. They let Mom live with a broken bedroom window for three months before they bothered fixing it. It was fucking awful. So this is worlds better. And I don’t have to share my personal space with anyone. After 11 years of marriage, and then three months of living in Mom’s storage room, this is HUGE. I also have my own bathroom, which I have decorated myself!

Right now I’m sitting up in bed with my laptop. I don’t have to worry about waking Mom up because the guest bedroom is between us so she can’t hear what I’m doing. (If I closed my bedroom door I could even play my cello without waking her, but I want to get her to stand outside my bedroom window tomorrow and tell me if she can hear me play from outside, so that I don’t accidentally piss off the neighbors. At least we’re in an end unit so I don’t share a wall with anyone.)

Half a mile north of me is a large shopping complex. On days when it’s not too hot I can walk there and have an iced coffee at Starbucks. There’s a frozen yogurt place right there too, and a nice public park behind the shopping center. The library is less than a mile off, as is my psychiatrist’s office. Oh, and my primary care doctor is less than a quarter mile from me, so I can walk there too. There’s a communal bike rack just outside my back door, and when I get my bike from my ex’s I can ride to all sorts of places from here. Since I may not have a car come January, these are good things. Oh! And the city just started a bus line down the main road, and there’s a stop at the entrance to my apartment complex.

The babbies are settling in nicely. Catching them this morning before the movers showed up was easy — jumped trapped them in my old bedroom and loaded them into the carriers.  They weren’t happy but they didn’t freak out.  I brought them to the new place and shut them in my bathroom with their litter box and water fountain.  Left them there until the movers had finished bringing everything in around 11am.  The first few hours they were freaked out, especially Eris, but as of about 6pm they were fine, and right now they’re running around the apartment like they’ve lived here for years.  They’re chasing each other right now, and I heard a stack of empty boxes fall over a few minutes ago.  Yeah, the babbies are fine.

We have a guest room!  Currently it’s about a quarter full of boxes that can be slowly unpacked.  When I get my stuff from my ex I’ll be storing some bins of yarn and wool in there.  I have six of those clear plastic 3-drawer bins from the craft store.  Two will go in my bedroom under the window, and the rest in the guest room.  It’s large enough that it won’t look cluttered.

Let’s see…  I ordered a cheap chest of drawers and a nightstand from Target online.  Starting in November I can keep my cello case in the closet because my lessons will be here at my house, so my cello can happily live on its little stand in my room.  I’ve asked for a stand for my rigid heddle loom for Christmas; it will let me angle the loom so it can be stored in the corner by my desk completely vertical (and covered with a quilt so the cats can’t play with it).  I have my Mom’s antique rolltop desk in the corner.  I’ve wanted it for decades, and when I mentioned it to Mom she said, “Oh, you should have told me you wanted it!  I would have given it to you then!”  I’m glad I didn’t get it until now, though.  I wouldn’t have had a place to put it, before.  It needs to be refinished, but I can do that at my own pace.  (Also I’m not sure how to take the varnish off the creases in the roll top itself.  Maybe I should let a pro do it next year.)

In sum, I am very happy with the move.  (You may have noticed, if you’re still reading this.)  The only downside is having to go back to the old house and sort out some small shit over the next few days.  We had the movers put a lot of furniture on the curb for the garbage collectors, but there’s a lot of little stuff that needs to be thrown out or taken to the thrift shop before next Saturday.

Oh, and here’s a picture of the best part of my room.  Once I get the new chest of drawers and nightstand I can finish unpacking the last few boxes, at which point I’ll post pictures of the whole room.

New Bedroom - Desk and Cello

Something else I’ll be getting from my ex’s: all my framed art to hang on my walls!  Yay!  And then it will be perfect.  Love.

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