Volunteer job

I am officially the webmaster of a new mental health organization being set up here in town! Most of my work will be coordinating content, because the setup (get the domain name, install software, create email addresses) is easy as hell and I’ve done it a billion times. (I spent 10 years as a webmaster/web developer before I went crazypants, and I still own some domains, including this one of course.) I volunteered because they don’t have anyone to do that stuff, and I can do it in my sleep, so. They are delighted to have someone competent in the role, as they’ve talked to other people and there are a lot of people in the business who are good at tech but can’t communicate clearly or write site content (I’ve worked as a pro writer before, too.) So I laid out what they needed, what the costs would be, what I can do, what they need to get for me, etc. And they’re thrilled. (By “they” I mean the director and the board member I’ve interacted with.)

I’ve been tagged with doing social media stuff, too.  Which is cool.  I’m good at that.  Once we get the site going, set up I’ll start looking at Twitter and see if the director wants to Instagram pictures or anything.  (I’m already handling Facebook.  Started that the night I volunteered.)

There’s also going to be peer counselor training in a couple of months that I’m going to, because that’s my actual goal. The web stuff won’t take more than a couple hours a week once everything’s up and running, so I could still be a counselor a couple of afternoons a week without overexerting myself.

Now I just need to survive the next week — I’m moving AND writing a 12-page paper AND setting up their site, which has to happen ASAP — and I’ll be golden…

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