Cello lesson #7

My teacher was deeply impressed by how much better I sounded this week. She told me I sounded wonderful and my fake confidence trick has made such a huge difference and I should keep doing it because wow.

We started off with the usual C scale, then I was supposed to have learned the G scale but forgot and did D by accident and it really doesn’t matter because the fingering is the same, just on one string higher.  So oops, but no harm done because I was supposed to learn D this week anyway.

Then I played the two pieces I was assigned well enough that I get to move on to two new pieces.  One is my first piece that isn’t a folk song or children’s song.  (Suzuki’s “Allegro”, first book.)  It’s mostly staccato, which I haven’t done before, but we played it through and I think I’ll be okay.  The other is my first etude, designed to teach me faster bowing speeds.  Done on open strings, so no worrying about my fingering.  Just turn on the metronome app and go for it.

My lessons are going to be on Thursdays at 6:45pm from now on, at least until she gets her hours reduced at her day job (which she wants to do), at which point she’ll be able to do earlier in the afternoon. I told her I’m probably the most time-flexible student she’s got, as the rest either work or are kids in school. So we’ll probably change after she gets her day job sorted. I’d like that, because I don’t want my mom to have to hide in her bedroom every lesson, and we’re going to be doing them at my house starting at the end of the month. Earlier is better!  We’re also going to start alternating between half-hour and hour lessons then.  I’ve figured out some things I can cut out of my budget in order to afford the longer sessions.

Unrelated to the lesson: We also figured out that we were on the same local BBS as teenagers in the early 1990s (including recognizing each others’ usernames) and knew a lot of the same people in high school. All her friends did dual enrollment at the community college, same as me, but she did the IB program instead, which is the only reason I never met her.  This town is so small, even with a population of like 200K. Have I mentioned how much I love it here?

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