Cello practice: fake it ’til I make it

I’ve been doing terribly on the two pieces of music I was supposed to learn for this week’s lesson (which is this afternoon).  I keep getting caught up in whether or not my bow hold is perfect and staring at my left hand and it’s been going horribly.

I just finished another practice session.  I gathered my courage and faked confidence like I knew what I was doing, but slowed the pieces down, and it sounded better.  My teacher keeps telling me I play too timidly.  So I’m trying to fake it till I make it.  Seems to be helping.  Pressing the bow a bit harder and faster certainly makes me sound better.  And spending the whole piece worrying about my bow hold being perfect makes me sound even worse, so I just put my hand in the right position and pretended I was good.  And it was much better.  Also pretending that I was in front of an audience seems to help.  In my head I was on stage at the concert hall where I saw the concert last week and just went for it.

I hope I can do as well at lesson today.  Wish me luck.

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