School update

Four weeks left of my final class for my degree.  I was falling apart about it, but Sis and BFF pulled me back from the brink Sunday and I spent a good chunk of time yesterday doing homework.  Sunday night I emailed my prof asking if I could make up some work, explaining that I’m crazy and am getting divorced and had to move cities, and this is the last class I need to graduate and I only need a C (but would prefer to do better, naturally) so could he help?  My sister is actually the one who wrote the email.  She’s had to do it for her husband, who also has schizoaffective disorder and is also in school.  Prof hasn’t gotten back to me yet.  Hopefully today. bites nails anxiously

For years now I’ve said that once I graduated I want to take some classes just for fun at the community college.  Chemistry, calculus 1-3, and physics.  One class at a time, no pressure.  I’d audit, but if I ever go back for another bachelor’s (gimme 5 years first) it’ll be something science-related (or Stats!) and I’ll need those classes anyway.  Yesterday I filled out my readmission request for the CC, aiming for spring term.  That’ll give me two months off of school before I start my fun classes.  During that time I’ll be getting a math tutor.  It’s been 5 years since my last math class, and I need a refresher.

My depression has lifted quite a bit in the last 24 hours, but I’m concerned that I might be veering the other direction a little.  I’ve been awake for 22 hours and I’m not even slightly sleepy.  Annoying.  I need to get tired so I can do more homework and not sleep through my cello lesson in the afternoon!

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