Cello lesson #5: the short one

Normally I have lessons on Tuesday, but last week Teacher needed to reschedule.  So we did it Thursday night instead.  And I forgot to blog about it.

I demonstrated that I’d practiced the piece from the week before (I’m going to start referring to songs by name; we’re using Suzuki book one, and this was “Song of the Wind”).  This lesson I learned “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, and Teacher played “O Come Little Children” for me to learn.  She looked at the clock and said the lesson was over.  I thought time had gone by faster than I’d realized.  As I was driving home she texted me: “I read the clock wrong and I owe you 15 minutes!  I’m so sorry!” So tomorrow’s lesson is going to be longer.

I’m supposed to be working on my bowing.  I feel like I’m total crap at it.  The cats judge me, by the way.  Every time I do the bow wrong they bolt from the room, returning only when I sound more normal.  (I say “more” because I am still terrible.  It’s the screechy noises they run from.)

“O Come Little Children” reminds me of the Blackadder theme.  Well, a very simple version of it.  Made me laugh to realize it.  I need to practice it a bunch today so I don’t sound like a clod tomorrow…

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