Last Sunday (a week ago) I drove down to the Valkyrie’s house (my former home) to pick up the babbies.  V was going on a trip for a couple of weeks, and we didn’t want the kids to be without either of us during that time.  So I have my babbies back!  They were very good on the drive from there to here.  It’s an hour and a half between houses.  They were in separate carriers; Loki was on the passenger seat and Eris was on the floor in front of him.  They would talk to each other from time to time, making sure they were still together and letting me know that they were displeased.  But they didn’t yowl or cry.  I played Ofra Harnoy’s versions of Vivaldi’s cello concertos, at low volume and with the passenger-side speakers shut off, and that seemed to soothe them a bit.

They adapted immediately to my house.  They’ve acted entirely normally this whole time, not upset or clingy or anything.  They both sleep on me at night, which is fun considering I have a twin-size bed right now, but they spend their time wrestling and napping and just being themselves.  I’m so happy to have them here.  My babies!

Eris is being her usual thieving self.  Every day she has taken a piece of clothing and put it on the living room floor.  Here she is with my pajama shorts.

The Clothing Thieves

The Clothing Thieves

The drawstring was dragging, so Loki got in on the act.  Eris has also stolen shirts (both button-up and T-shirts), and I think a towel once.  But mostly clothes.  She deposits them on the rug and then Loki takes a nap on them.  CATS.

They also wrestle a lot.  That’s Eris doing her vampire impression.

Doesn't Eris look demonic?

Doesn’t Eris look demonic?

So yes, my babbies are healthy and happy and I love them to pieces.  You have no idea how much I’ve missed them.  Like, thinking of them caused actual heartache.  But now I can snuggle them whenever I like.  But first I have to train Eris to stop hanging from the curtains…

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