Cello amusement, and children

A little bit ago I was practicing and realized that holy shit, I was actually playing the piece and it sounded good and felt good, and the realization freaked me out and I went back to sounding like shit.  Hmph.  But hey, 11 notes of feeling natural is an awesome thing to experience.  Maybe I can get it back in tomorrow’s practice again.  Or later tonight if Mom doesn’t turn in too early. Right now my hands need a break.

Awesome Niece and Nephew were over for a few hours this afternoon.  Nephew is weird.  But he’s seven.  Aren’t seven year olds required to be weird?  I actually took notes on some things he said because they were so funny.

  • He sang a song about “butt lips.”  Butt lips on eyeballs, butt lips on chickens, butt lips on earrings.  Butt lips everywhere.
  • People can also drink with their butts.
  • He spent an hour tying people up and asking them to tie him up in return.  Methinks he’s getting a healthy start on a bondage fetish.

I played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the cello for the kids, at their request, because Nephew was eyeing my instrument and touching my music stand.  Despite me sucking, they were impressed that I could make non-screechy noises on it.  Nephew said my new nickname is “Cello Master.”  Like I’m going to argue with that one. (To be fair, though, he gives people new nicknames every half an hour or so.  Just in the time he was here he nicknamed my mother “Baby Chicken” and “Compost”. I’m sure I’ll have a different name next time.)

Niece is about to turn 13 and looks adorably goth.  (“Emo”, she said.  Still looks like a goth to me.)  Black nail polish, big boots, dyed hair, cute black dress.  I’m so proud.  She also has become the queen of innuendo.  Hilarious.  I love that kid.

Also, I had forgotten how hilarious it is to watch my mother eat sour candy, especially when she doesn’t know it’s going to be sour.  Ohmygod, her face.  Niece got it on video.  Sadly, we are not allowed to post it to YouTube…

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