I’m an idiot. But a productive one.

Tuesday night I almost stepped on my knitting.  Given that my needles are expensive ones, I shifted my foot forward so I wouldn’t step on them.  This led to my heel landing on the edge of my spinning wheel’s base.  Didn’t want to break that either, so I shifted again and found myself falling towards the couch.  Yay!  Hit the couch — and bounced off it, much to my surprise, crashing to the floor while scraping the side of the coffee table on the way down.  I am so very graceful.

I wasn’t seriously injured or anything.  It’s actually kind of funny.  The sad part is that I had used my left arm to try to break my fall, which is why it’s two days later and I haven’t been able to practice my cello at all.  Sigh.

I’ve been productive, though.  Yesterday by 10:30am I’d gone to the grocery and opened an account at a local credit union.  (My old one doesn’t have locations here, so I’ll be closing my account after my direct deposit moves over in October.)  Did some address changes online and did homework.  I also made a budget.  That wasn’t fun.  I wasn’t expecting to owe $200 a month for my class, and I’ve got a number of other bills to take care of with next month’s check.  I have like $100 a week for gas, groceries, and miscellany, after everything else gets paid.  Sigh.  No more meals out for a while!  (And yes, I included cello lessons in the budget.  I’d rather do without takeout than give those up.)

Today I’ve run errands, spent a few hours doing homework, and am currently doing laundry.  Mom’s having dinner with friends so I’m on my own for the evening.  Which is fine.  I have frozen dinners and some fruit.  I have been so good, diet-wise.  No sweets in days.  Go me.

Okay, off to eat something and read for a while.  And maybe try to play the cello, just a little…


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