Cello lesson #2

I asked a ton of questions at today’s lesson, and found out some stuff I really wanted to know.  My questions were mostly about form, and I feel a little more confident about that now. I have to practice it, but I know where I need to hold my shoulders and wrists better now, which makes me very happy.  In addition I learned that classic of music lessons everywhere, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Such a milestone.  I did the variations, too, which is just learning what eighth and sixteenth notes and such feel like when bowing.  I learned another little piece where I got to start reading music while putting my fingers in the right places to start associating finger positions with notes.  Sweet.

My iPhone tuning app is off.  My strings were all too sharp when we tuned.  No wonder I thought they sounded wrong!  Trust the ear and not the tuner, in this case.  I do want to download another app and try that, just out of curiosity, while my cello is still in tune from the lesson.

Speaking of trusting my ears, Teacher says it’s very good that I’m looking for the right finger spots by listening instead of looking.  I do have to look to make sure I’m on the right string when I change to a different one, but once I’m on the correct string I’m able to tell fairly well if I’m too sharp or flat and adjust my fingers accordingly.  I’m not on perfect pitch all the time or anything, far from it, but I can at least hear when I’m wrong.

Oh, I forgot my bow.  Luckily Teacher had a spare.  I’m going to stick a note in my case so that every time I open it I see “TAKE BOW”.  I leave my cello out on a stand when I’m not transporting it, so I’m currently only using the case for when it’s time to go to lessons.  A note will help.  I did remember to take my mute so she could show me how to use it, which she did and now I won’t wake Mom up if I feel like practicing at night.  Woo!

Now I just need to find where I put my music stand…

2 thoughts on “Cello lesson #2

  1. graysheep

    i use the FineTuner iOS app — it’s incredibly useful, but i also feel it’s sliiiightly sharp. which do you use? did you find a good one?

    really enjoying your blog, by the way!

    – carrotandstick

    (via Rav / LSG)

    1. alex Post author

      Oh, I forgot to reply! Sorry. I’m finding that all iOS tuners are sharp. Which means it’s probably the microphone driving the pitch slightly higher. At present I’m using Pano Tuner (not a typo) and tuning to the low end of the note’s acceptable range (according to the app). It gets me perfectly in tune to do it that way. Glad you’re liking the blog!


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