My sister’s sweet.

My sister, a Buddhist, has started attending a super-liberal Christian church.  Like, so liberal they have an atheist on the board and she’s treated just like anyone else.  Sis feels very comfortable there and wants me (an atheist) to go with her occasionally.  She’s apparently been telling the minister about how awesome I am.  She’s sweet.

The church is in the process of building a respite house for people with mental illnesses to come when they need some quiet time but aren’t in the need of medical inpatient care.  I would really, really like to volunteer with them if they’ll have me.  I’m about to finish my psychology degree, I have two years of experience as a peer counselor for a community mental health organization, and I can definitely relate to the people staying there because I’ve dealt with similar stuff.  I’d be a very good fit.  If they’ll have me.  fingers crossed

Sis told me today that they’ve put someone on their welcoming committee specifically to help transgender people feel more comfortable in the church, and they’re putting gender-neutral signs on the bathrooms.  LOVE.  Can I go hang out there and skip the sermon part?  :D

Update (five hours later): Sis says I don’t have to go to the sermons, if I want to come just hang out and talk to people between services.  Also, she told them about my wanting to volunteer with the respite house, and that my counseling focus is on GSMs with mental illnesses.  They were delighted to hear it.  Also, apparently it’s possible to become a certified peer counselor.  It takes 500 volunteer hours, and they would be happy to have me do my hours there.  Holy shit.  I’m going next week to meet with the person in charge of it.  So excited!

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