Cello practices, day one

My first session yesterday lasted a whopping 15 minutes.  I realized I was rushing myself, got frustrated, and took a break.  An hour later I started again and tried to relax. I found myself enjoying it more when I wasn’t trying to just march through the assigned exercises. I’d do one, a bit, then fool around with playing an actual song (not like a real song, but snatches of things that I heard while doing my exercises — you know, “hey, this bit sounds like the middle of Silent Night, let me see if I can play a little more of that”) before going back to the exercises. It made practice a lot more enjoyable, and to hit the right notes on the fooling-around parts I was having to put my fingers into the right positions anyway, so I count that as valid practice too.

Also, I managed to do a full C Major scale without fucking up too much, so I was happy about that. I’m looking forward to trying it again today to see if it feels the same in my fingers…

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