The pessimism of amateur cellists

I was poking around the interwebs, looking for a cello forum, and came across a thread about “how far can adult amateurs go with cello?”  The thread was terribly depressing.  “If you’re lucky you can do very basic chamber music but nothing fancy.”  I know I’ll never be Yo-Yo Ma or anything, but the pessimism on display was dreadful.  And nobody seemed interested in making their own compositions, or alternative cello music (read: anything not classical).  It made me sad — not for myself and what I can someday do, but for the forum posters who think they can’t accomplish anything.

My personal goals are to be able to write my own music, play the pieces of existing music I love best (most of which are rock songs, like Cello Fury and Rasputina and the theme from Angel, but also Vivaldi cello sonatas and such), and enjoy myself.  I would also maybe like to join the local community orchestra at some point, if I get good enough.  But I’m not going to sit here and accept limits placed on me by sad internet strangers.  It kinda pissed me off, frankly.

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