Getting shit done for the first time in ages

I have been Adulting. It’s been ages since I had enough spoons to properly Adult.

  • Emailed grad school, explained about my depression, begged for help in getting back in for next year
  • Applied for financial aid (probably too late to get it, but better late than never)
  • Made appointments for the Valkyrie (laser hair removal) and the kittens (first vet appointment)
  • Changed voter registration so I can vote in Democratic primaries and even put a stamp on the envelope
  • Got an Amazon return ready
  • Refilled my pocket pill case, which was empty of several things I need regularly and I’d been too depressed to care
  • Got a haircut

Next up I’m going to tackle the incoming snail mail. One of the first things to go when I get depressed is my ability to open mail, so I’ve got a few months’ worth to go through. Thankfully none of them are bills I’m behind on. (I see a bill envelope and go online to pay it without opening the envelope, if it’s something I’m expecting.)

Also, it’s obvious that my credit has improved tremendously because I keep getting pre-approved credit card offers in the mail. I don’t want them, as I’m quite happy with my teeny card from my credit union, but it’s a good sign that I’m getting the cards. I don’t want more than my current $250 credit limit, because I don’t actually want credit card debt. Currently I don’t use the card too much and then pay off all but $2 on the card every month so that I’m technically carrying a balance but without accruing interest. I want to keep it that way, and a bigger limit would tempt me. So no thank you, companies offering me $1500 limits with 19% interest. Go fuck yourselves.

Tomorrow I will be in my hometown all day helping my sister out, so it’s good that I’m getting shit done today instead of waiting!

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