My baby has arrived!

Isn’t she beautiful?

StringWorks Crescendo 4/4 cello

StringWorks Crescendo 4/4 cello

I actually had to put her away after a bit (after plucking the strings a few times and giving her some hugs) because I was so happy my hands were shaking.  I’m a dork, I know.  But isn’t she gorgeous?  I don’t generally name inanimate objects, so I haven’t come up with one for her.  (People tend to ask me that about instruments.  Weird.  I gave my bass guitars names, but they didn’t stick.)  I may change my mind down the road though.

While I wait for my lessons to start (next week, hopefully), I am using iOS apps to help me work on sight reading, rhythm training, and ear training.  I am also reading a book on music theory.  Just because I can’t play yet doesn’t mean I can’t learn general music things.  For the sight reading I’m using both a practicing app as well as looking at the cello parts for classical pieces I’m very familiar with so I can see how they’re written.  At the moment I’m looking at Bach’s cello suites.  (There are whole libraries of free classical music scores.  Perfect.)

It sounds like I’m doing lots of things all the time, I know, but really I’m just doing things at odd moments, 5 minutes here and there, so I don’t drown myself.  The sight reading app, for example, has little exercises that take me about 3 minutes each, and that’s going slowly because I’m not used to bass clef yet.  (I’m already knocked a full minute off my time, though.  Woo!)  The rhythm and ear training apps also have very short exercises.  I’m at a point in the music theory book that I need to download an iOS keyboard app so I can hear the different scales, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

So… yeah.  Can’t wait to start lessons!

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