Cleaning is giving me nightmares.

Warning: dreams about bugs ahead.

Since I started cleaning my living space, I’ve had three dreams featuring the same themes.  Some details change, but in all of them I go to clean the mattress and there are multiple layers of blankets on it and when I pull off all the layers there are hoards of large insects underneath, living under where I sleep every night.  They start crawling at me and some of them fly at me and it’s awful.

Twice the dreams have gone further, both in the same direction.  There is an area of the house behind the bedroom (or upstairs from it) and it’s where I’ve been storing stuff I don’t use.  The area has become infested with giant cockroaches, eating my books and possessions.  I want to call an exterminator but no one will let me, and I have to brave the storage area alone in order to rescue my things.  I wake up as they start to crawl on me.

It’s unnerving, to say the least.  I hope they don’t continue after I finish getting things in order…

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