Filofax printables: to-do lists

I did these planner inserts in the style of Ray Blake’s, over at My Life All in One Place. He’s made some really helpful diary inserts and forms, but I wanted my own format for task pages.  I am not a graphic designer, but I can find my way around OpenOffice fairly well.  For now I stuck with grayscale, but I may make versions with a bit of color later down the road.

Each of the following PDFs contain four identical pages.  I wanted to be able to print them in booklet mode (double-sided) for my A5 Filofax.  The PDF pages are letter-sized (US measurement) and will work fine in a full-size planner, but they were designed to be printed two to a page.  They’ll also work in Dayrunners, Day-Timers, junior Circa or Arc notebooks, etc.

My first page was a daily task list.  I only have a couple of appointments per day, so I put those at the top.  Everything else is by context.  Everyone’s needs are different, which is why I’m also including the MS Word file so people can make the page their own.

Daily Tasks List for Filofax

Here’s the PDF file, and the Word document.

Then I made a generic next actions/to-do list form with checkboxes.

Undated Next Actions Form for Filofax

PDF file | Word document

Here’s the same list with a Priority column added.

Undated Task List with Priority for Filofax

PDF file | Word document

And finally I wanted to make a Next Actions Quadrant form, like the one included in the DIYPlanner way back when.  It’s the same design as the above, though.

Next Actions Quadrant for Filofax

PDF file | Word document

I hope at least a few people get some use out of these.  Let me know if you liked them, or if they were helpful!

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