Fauxdori update

I continue to use the hell out of my Field Notes-sized fauxdori.  I thought I would share the way I’ve been using it, since I just started a fresh FN for daily pages.  (I actually used one up.  Shocking.)

Daily pages have the day’s tasks and appointments.  I’m dating a week out at a time.


I also write from the back of the notebook forward, on the left hand side.  The very last page is for testing inks.


The page behind that is for undated tasks.  Other undated lists (like a running grocery list) go behind that.  The notebook is done when my daily pages and the back pages meet (generally somewhere around 80% of the way through the book).

Next up is a Field Notes Ambition Edition datebook.


Appointments and future tasks go there.  I’m liking this book so much that I want to order another set of Ambition notebooks just to get the datebook, in case Field Notes doesn’t put out another datebook next year.

Wrapped around the datebook are a Midori Passport zipper pocket/insert pocket, and a file pocket I made myself out of a UPS mailer.  I have some Post-It Notes stuck on there, and the little key you see is a spare bookmark for if I put in a fourth book (which I think about doing sometimes).


The third and last book is a Clairefontaine Life Unplugged notebook, which I’m using for a journal.  It has more pages than Field Notes, and the heavy paper is great for fountain pens.


My violet Pilot Decimo is currently the one that lives in the pen loop.  I still have the old-fashioned key as a charm, and the key bookmarks.


It really is a nice little book.  As I said, I’m always tempted to stick in a fourth notebook for lists, but non-task lists live in Evernote and it’s silly to not leave them there.  My main timekeeper is Google Calendar, which I share with the Valkyrie and the Naiad, but I like having a paper version handy when I’m making appointments over the phone.  I hate having to pause a conversation to put the other party on speakerphone so I can bring up the calendar app.  I just update GCal when I get off the phone.

So that’s my current setup.  I wish I had a set of leather stamps so I could put something cool on the cover.  My name, or some neat design.  I’ll have to think about it some and see what I can come up with.

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