Birthday, and applying to grad school

Yesterday was my birthday.  It started off just after midnight, when the Valkyrie and the Naiad and I all exchanged presents.  V got me an adorable owl coin purse…

From JetPens

and a Manatea tea strainer that had me laughing my ass off.

From Amazon

I had seen both these things online months ago, thought they were adorable, and never got around to buying them for myself.  Which means they were perfect presents.  The Naiad bought me a Lamy Al-Star in Ocean Blue, and some gorgeous BFL wool.

Woolgatherings BFL from the Naiad

I had bought Valentine’s presents for the girls.  The Valkyrie received a handful of awesome washi tapes, instead of roses.  They were skulls and circuit boards and black lace and…  there were six different ones, I think.  And I got the Naiad a glass dip pen and a subscription to Goulet Pens’ Ink Drop, which is for both of us, so we can try new fountain pen inks every month.  V&N exchanged presents, too — N got V a nice pen and some washi tape (as V is obsessed with the stuff), and V got N a really pretty amethyst ring.  They were all mushy and it was totes adorbs.

Saturday morning I spent an hour and a half in a Barnes & Noble with my mom, sis, and sis’ family.  We had a great time.  The B&N we met at is huge.  The cafe has spinach-and-feta-stuffed soft pretzels that are to die for.  Mom and I will definitely be meeting there sometimes.  Anyway, I was talking to my sister about whether or not I want to reapply to grad school.  She said that I sounded like I did.  So this evening I wrote up my application essay.  I’m having a few people look it over, and then I’ll submit it tomorrow.  Gulp.  Sis got me an Amazon gift card, which I used to order a canvas backpack.

After B&N, Mom and I went to lunch at Red Lobster.  It’s a birthday tradition.  She’s taken me there for my birthday lunch almost every year we’ve lived with/near each other since I was a kid.  I didn’t get the annual Birthday Daiquiri because drinking makes me feel awful these days, but I had lobster tail and shrimp scampi so I was happy.  After dinner I got my gift from her, which was the Cuisinart electric tea kettle I’d been drooling over for a while.

For dinner back at my house, we had steaks, and I consumed a pound of cooked and peeled shrimp with some of my MIL’s delicious homemade cocktail sauce (with enough horseradish in it to completely clear out my sinuses).  For dessert there was a cake, and there was singing and candles.  MIL gave me two Lamy Al-Stars, in ruby red and raspberry.  They’re both pretty rare pens.  They were not a surprise, as I’m the one who ordered them with her credit card.  But I love them all the same.

I had a bit of a cry last night because I was missing my BFF, but otherwise had a nice time playing Dying Light with the girls and knitting.  I didn’t get to bed until after six this morning because I was covered in cats.  After I got up this morning, MIL and N and I went to the Russell Stover outlet, and I behaved myself.  Shocking.

Okay, back to working on my grad school application.  I don’t have to do too much for it, as all my paperwork and recommendations from last year are still valid.  All I have to do is some minor stuff, and then turn it in.  Wish me luck.

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