New Esterbrooks!

Two Esterbrook J fountain pens have found their way into my possession.

Red Esterbrook J says not to hate her because she's beautiful

Esterbrook J fountain pen

Aren’t they pretty?  The green one, with a #1554 nib, came from an FPN member.  The red one, with a #1551 nib, came from an eBay seller who turned out to be local.  So I went and picked up the pen in person.  It’s lovely, but the nib is shit.  So I’ve ordered a replacement from Anderson Pens, who gets mentioned fairly often on the Pen Addict podcast. I was going to buy the new nib from the eBay seller, but the one from Anderson will have been restored, unlike the eBay guy’s.  (He doesn’t restore pens, just sells them as-is.) I’d like a smoother nib.  The current one is scratchy and too wide.  (It’s a medium-fine.)  I’m going to put a fine stub nib, #2314F, on the green one, just for fun.  They’re cheap, and I love being able to switch out the nibs on my pens.

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