Dental fun

Last February I had my annual dental checkup.  Dentist found a cavity and told me I was going to need a root canal.  I believed him.  When his colleague went in to do the procedure, he found that it was only a cavity.  I assumed my dentist had made a mistake, and thought nothing of it.  Until last week’s annual checkup, when he did the exact same thing, and quoted me $2000 to fix the tooth.  This time I went for a second opinion, at a dentist’s that my MIL’s friend works for.  Yep, it was just a cavity.  Again.  I think my now-former dentist is either incompetent or else an extortionist.  Or possibly a sadist.  Anyway, I’m not going back.  New Dentist is kind and seems to know his shit.  After I got numbed up he drilled and filled the cavity in about 10 minutes.  No pain, no trauma.  I’m definitely sticking with this new guy.

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