Fauxdori usage update

I got asked how I use multiple Field Notes in my fauxdori, so I thought I’d write a post about it.

The first FN, a Pitch Black edition, is for lists and tasks. Every day has a page, starting from the front, with the day’s appointments and tasks on it.  I also use it for notes on the day’s tasks, like if I make a phone call I’ll write down what was said.  If this continues past one page, that’s fine. Lists (like packages due in, knitting to do, or tasks with no due date) start on the back page of the notebook and move forward. When the two types of pages meet up in the middle I’m going to switch to a new Pitch Black.  I’m really enjoying the dot grid paper, enough that I’m getting a Rhodia A5 top-bound notebook for longform writing that has the dot grids.

The second Field Notes is the planner from the Ambition edition. I’m using it mostly for reminders about future tasks. (My main calendar is Google Calendar.) I may or may not keep the paper calendar in use.  Instead I may have one Pitch Black for daily pages and a second for lists.  Then I could date the daily pages through the month and then put future tasks on each day’s pages…  Hmmm.  I’m liking this idea.  I could have one notebook for each month.  And the PB paper is thick enough that I can write on both sides of the page with a fountain pen and not have too much bleed through.  I’ll still only put daily pages on the right side of the page, but if notes carry over to the back side of the page it’ll be okay.

The last book I carry is a Volant. Don’t love the paper, but it’s got more pages so I can use it as a journal.  I’m open to ideas about other similar sized notebooks with better paper.  I think the Leuchtturms are a little too thick, but I haven’t tried the softcover one.

I’m absolutely loving the fauxdori in this size because it fits FNs, and it’s easy to mod it with bookmarks and extra elastics.  I can also replace little books in it instead of one big one.  Perfect.

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