Loopy post

I had to take a hydrocodone for my hip because I was walking around a lot today and my right hip hates me so much right now.  Fucking bursitis.  Do Not Want.  So I’m a bit out of it.

Speaking of hips, my BFF has a bad hip too, which leads into the next thing I wanted to post about: she and I are hanging out tomorrow afternoon and I’m very excited to see her and give her hugs and figure out WTF I did wrong and hopefully be okay again.  We’ve had some nice chats over SMS and it’s feeling back to normal.  So I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Today I drove the Valkyrie to our gynecologist’s in Orlando.  An hour there and back, plus the waiting room and exam room, plus stopping by Sci-Fi City to get some magazines: pain.  This is why my hip hurts.  At least I can still spin without pain.  Which is good.  I’m a little over halfway done with my commission yarn.  It’s fun to spin, even if I feel like I’m on a deadline.  (Recipient wouldn’t get mad if it took me a while longer, but she bought me wool so I want to get her yarn ASAP.)

I also chain-plied part of the merino/silk blend I was working on last week, just to clear off the bobbin.  I need to wind it into a skein though, so no pictures yet.  Chain plying is not as awful as I remembered it being, and I spun the singles fine enough that the end result is about a worsted.  Sweet.  I can’t wait to see the skein.  It’ll knit up into stripes!

For my birthday I asked for four Lamy Al-Stars to round out my collection of the different colors they’ve come in over the last 10 years or so.  I already have like 7 or something.  I forget off the top of my head.  Check out the Pens page if you’re curious.  Which reminds me, I need to find the missing pen box.  I have like 5 that went missing when I last moved house.  Annoying.  Anyway, I feel bad about asking for the Lamys, because how ridiculous is it to collect a type of fountain pen, what a waste of money, but my family wants me to have physical gifts to open.  I asked MIL for a year’s subscription to Dropbox, since I pay them $10 a month right now, but she wants me to unwrap my presents.  So pens it is.  I feel wasteful, but it’ll be nice to have a full set of Al-Stars.  Worst case I can sell a few of my existing ones should I ever need extra money, as some of the ones I bought in 2006 have gone up in value.  (Not by much, but there have been points in my life where an extra $50 would have meant food for the week.)

I feel sort of guilty for living in a nice house, even if it’s my MIL’s.  Marrying into this family, I went from lower middle class to upper, and I feel guilty for not having to struggle anymore.  It sucks to have to have family support me.  I try to remind myself that I’m actively trying to get to where I can support myself by going back to school, and that for someone with schizophrenia I’m doing pretty well at working towards that goal, but I still feel guilty.  And I’m pretty much at the beck and call of MIL whenever she needs help or companionship or whatever, and being beholden to someone can suck sometimes.  She’s very nice to me and loves me like her own child, but sharing a house with her means less privacy.  At least we get along well, and at least my FIL doesn’t live here.  I’d rather live in a cardboard box than share a house with that abusive douchenozzle.  Asshole.

Anyway.  I’m going to go hang out with the Valkyrie and the Naiad.  Or maybe just fall asleep.  I don’t like it when medication makes me feel loopy.  Ugh.


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