First fiction writing in a decade

I just wrote a short story.  Only a few hundred, maybe a thousand words.  I did it longhand so I’m not sure exactly.  I’ll let it sit for a few days and then type it up.  I feel a bit odd.  At one point in my life — well, okay, from ages 4 to 22 — I wanted to be a writer.  And then I started dating a burned-out professional writer and he completely killed my desire to write professionally.  And then I had my breakdown at age 25, and since then every attempt at writing fiction has felt artificial.  It felt nice to write this, though.  Rather like getting on a bicycle for the first time in years, knowledge still there but rusty.  I have no desire to get it published.  I may not even share it with anyone except the Valkyrie.  But I wrote it, and it felt good, and that makes me happy.

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