Finished: Duck tape pen quiver

I made a black pen quiver for my fauxdori, and it’s quite nice.  Behold!

January_31__2015_at_0706PM (2)

January_31__2015_at_0706PM (1)


January_31__2015_at_0707PM (2)


January_31__2015_at_0707PM (1)


Here’s how I did it.

1) Cut tape strip long enough to go around the notebook cover with about 1″ of overlap.  Lay tape stitcky side up on your work surface.

2) Cut a strip long enough to go around the notebook cover with about 3″ of overlap.  Place sticky side down over piece #1 so the two sticky sides are together, with about an inch of exposed sticky side on either end.

3) Wrap tape around notebook cover and tape ends together.  Tape should be tight enough to stay in place, but loose enough to slide off with a little effort.  This piece will be known for the rest of this post as the quiver body.

4) Take the body off the notebook and lay it flat.  Lay two large-ish pens on it so you can see where you want to put the quiver front piece.

5) Cut fresh strip of tape long enough to go over the pens to the sides of the pen body, plus 0.5″.  Lay sticky side up on work surface.

6) Cut a new strip about 1.5″ longer than the face-up strip.  Place the two sticky sides together with the tape lined up on the sides, so that there’s about 0.75″ of sticky side on either end.  Place the tape so the sticky side is facing up.  This is your front piece.

7) Cut a piece of tape about 4″ long.  Put it face down and then lay the piece from step 6 on top of it like you’re making a cross.  Fold this 4″ piece around the front piece.  What you’re doing is reinforcing the edge the pen clips on, because an exposed edge of duck tape will buckle under the pen clip.

8) Now take your front piece and wrap it around the quiver body so that the ends of the front piece tape onto the back of the body.  Note: make sure you wrap it only around the front part of the body, because otherwise you’ll have taped your loop shut!

And you’re done!  I made mine in less than 10 minutes.  You might want to make a “rough draft” version first so you can get a feel for how the quiver comes together.  I know that making my prototype helped me a lot in making my final version.

If anyone makes this, leave a comment.  And, if you can, include a picture.  I’d love to see other quivers!

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