Musings on task list symbolism

I saw a link to the Dash/Plus method of marking to-do item lists.  I think it’s a nice, simple idea, and I plan to use it. I do want to add one thing to it, though: drawing a box around the dash to indicate that the thing is a priority item.  Otherwise I’d have to put a star or something next to the dash to indicate priority, and that would just take up an extra grid space.

I’ve been writing down to do lists in my Field Notes notebook, and I find myself grouping things by GTD context out of habit.  Errands and phone calls at the top, just under the list of appointments for the day, and stuff to do at home on the bottom of the page.  So that seems pretty simple too.  I’ve been adding my little context symbols, but I don’t think I need to since I’ve been grouping stuff.

I’ve got the Field Notes Ambition Edition, as I wanted the weekly planner.  Not for appointments, but to keep track of tasks that have to be done on a certain date.  I’m thinking about using the ledger book for my to-do lists, after I finish filling up my current FN Pitch Black book.

So my system keeps evolving, and it’s rather fun to play with.  Yay for pens and paper!

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