I just don’t understand what I did wrong.

I keep thinking about my BFF, and wondering what I could have possibly done wrong.  I couldn’t have killed her cat, I never did anything but clean the litter box and feed them food from the right bag and/or cans (depending on cat).  She had left the toilet in her bathroom running when she left; I didn’t hear it when I was over there, as I had no reason to go in there, but because I hadn’t heard it I was prepared to pay for part of her water bill.  I don’t think I said anything bad, but if I did she should know me well enough to know I wasn’t being mean, just maybe thoughtless.  My MIL (who was also friends with BFF) thinks BFF was jealous of my friendship with the Naiad.  I don’t think BFF is that petty.  So what did I do wrong?  She’s never going to tell me, she’s never going to speak to me again, and it hurts so much I just burst into tears sometimes when I think about it.  We were so close.  I would have never hurt her on purpose.  I’m sorry, I’m repeating myself, I’m just in a lot of pain.  I miss her.

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