Feather Fin and Downtown Cowl

Fiber arts update time!

I’m not really thrilled about how this Downtown Cowl came out, but it’s very soft and warm, so my friend Kess (who sent me the fiber I spun and knit into this cowl) will hopefully enjoy it.

Downtown handspun cowl for Kess, finished

This is some Polwarth I traded a skein of finished yarn for.  I love it, and need to figure out something to make myself from it.  The Naiad said it reminded her of a book she read as a child, called Feather Fin.  So the yarn colorway is named that now.

Feather Fin Polwarth

Today I started spinning this merino, in the WishFox Dyeworks colorway “Faire Day,” for someone who actually paid me to make them the yarn.

Faire Day merino braids

And I started a Freesia shawl for the Valkyrie and the Naiad to share, out of handspun merino.  It’s nothing really worth looking at yet, but here is the beginning for posterity.

Garnet Freesia, beginning

I’m not a fan of knitting lace, but this edging is very easy to memorize, and I can look at what I’ve done and see where I am.  And I think it’s going to look cool.  See the above link to the Freesia pattern to see what a completed one looks like.  It’s stunning.

I still haven’t warped my loom.  Must do that tomorrow…

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