Hysterectomy scheduled!

Today I met with the surgeon who will perform my hysterectomy.  It’s scheduled for February 25th.  Is it weird that I’m looking forward to it?

I was amazed by how nice his staff was, and how unfazed they were that I’m trans.  They just accepted it and acted like it was no big thing.  It was awesome.  The main reason I’m getting the surgery is because my uterus hates me, not for gender dysphoria.  But it was nice to be treated like a normal person.  I’m quite pleased.

After the appointment I went to the credit union to get my legal name change petition notarized.  I finally picked a middle name, and I want my new name on my diploma when I graduate this May.  Then I went to GameStop (for Dying Light, which is awful so far), Staples (to send a package UPS), Walgreens, and the post office.  Because of all the driving and moving around and stuff, my knee and hip are really hating me tonight.  But I got a lot of shit done, and that makes me happy.

Tomorrow I will go to the courthouse to file my name change forms.  Yay!

3 thoughts on “Hysterectomy scheduled!

  1. sahara

    Hi, I’m a raveler who found your post interesting. And NO, it is not weird. I decided not to have kids at 17 (I’m 57 now). As a gay teen, I was hated and found to be “heretical” for making such a decision. THANK GOODNESS I didn’t listen to them. Now that I no longer have a menstrual period and my hateful uterus has shut down, I can tell you life will be SO MUCH BETTER! Congratulations!


    1. alex Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been trying to get a hysto since I was about 19, but nobody would do one for someone that young. “You might change your mind about children,” they said. It sucked. So I’m relieved it’s finally happening. Took 20 years, but finally.

  2. sahara

    WHOOHOO! Congratulations. I decided at 17 too, that kids were not in my life plan. Other people’s, but not mine. And I SUFFERED from bad periods and war with my uterus for years. My periods ended with Hurricane Sandy. Life IS so much better. And if you have knee problems, why put up with a uterus that hates you? I’m so happy the staff was understanding too. You GO!


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