Too-soft merino, and a scarf

I spun up some merino, and I didn’t put enough twist in the singles, so it is too soft even after overplying (which usually makes yarn harder-wearing):

Ali-Cat orchid Falkand, finished

I’m going to beat the shit out of it when I wash it.  That will full it some (make the fibers adhere to each other) and make the yarn stronger.  I’ve never really fulled yarn before.  It’ll be an interesting experiment.

Thursday and Friday nights I spun a merino/silk singles, with plans to chain-ply it.  I spun it thinner than I usually do, so it won’t turn out bulky.

Ain't It Fun merino/silk, singles to be chain-plied

Yes, it really is that bright.  It’s a rainbow of neon colors, mixed with black silk.  The chain plying will keep the colors together.  I hate chain plying, but it’s worth it.  I only spun up a third of the braid, to see what happens.  If I don’t like it, the other two thirds will become two singles that will be plied together.

Right now I’m doing some ridiculously fluffy yellow merino while the other singles rest.

Mellow Yellow merino, ply 1, beginning

It’s odd to go from spinning the really tiny merino/silk to making a big fluffy yarn.  Imagine going from writing with a golf pencil to using a jumbo crayon.  It’s about the same jolt of difference.

In knitting news, I finished the Springtime handspun scarf:

One row springtime scarf, finished

The Valkyrie and the Naiad have claimed it.  They’re getting quite the collection of handspun, handknit scarves.

Tonight I started a cowl from merino sent to me by a friend.

Downtown Kess scarf, beginning

It’s going to be quite pettable when I’m finished.  I think I’m going to give it to the friend who sent me the wool.  If she wants it.

Okay, bedtime.  Maybe today I’ll warp my loom!

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