More faffing about with notebooks

I have ordered another fauxdori from the same seller, one that fits standard notebooks like Moleskine Cahiers and Field Notes without having to cut them down.  If I have to cut down every notebook I use in the passport-sized fauxdori, I’ll wind up not using it anyway.  Of course, I was an idiot and got my name on it so I can’t return it…  No name on the pocket-sized one I just ordered, though.  It’s the same purple, though, and the same leather.  Also, I bought the first one on sale for $10 off, and got the second one for 30% off because I asked if I could get a discount as a repeat customer.  (I was expecting maybe 10%, not 30%, but I’m certainly not going to argue with a better deal.)

What I’m going to do with the new one: put a Field Notes book in the front, for my daily lists and notes, and a Volant in the back for a journal because it’s got more pages.  I have enough beads and elastic to make more bookmarks, and my pen clip is easily moved to the new notebook.  So it will be identical except for being an inch taller.  Perfect.

With the discount I was able to get one for the Naiad, too, since she has become a Field Notes fan.  I blame myself, for playing her episodes of the Pen Addict podcast.  They mention Field Notes a lot, and she bought herself a set to try out.  She’s never been into fancy notebooks before, and seems to be hooked now.  I’m turning her into a total stationery junkie.  It’s awesome.  I’m afflicting the Valkyrie with a similar disease.  She spent a couple of hours personalizing her Midori passport with cute stickers and washi tape, making the refill books super cute so they’re more fun to use, and she is using Pilot Juice gel pens in them.  I am an evil enabler and proud of it!

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